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BioElectric Shield (for Super-Sensitives)

The BioElectric Shield is the one bioenergetic tool that Ramaji has found to work consistently as a protection against the widespread intensely invasive electromagnetic fields (EMF), cell phone radiation, computer radiation and wireless Internet transmissions. Ramaji has personally tried many highly toted devices. This is the ONLY ONE that made a life-changing difference for him. As a super-sensitive person, Ramaji researched the EMF issue until he found a reliable and affordable solution. The BioElectric Shield is that optimal solution.

Some people get confused about why Ramaji is offering the BioElectric Shield. They ask “Why is Ramaji running a health business for money on his non-duality Advaita spiritual enlightenment web site?”

Ramaji is NOT saying that you need it for enlightenment. What Ramaji has discovered is that the many electromagnetic interference devices, such as cell phones, wireless Internet (wi-fi), computers, microwaves, cell phone towers and many more invasive yet invisible radiation sources are severely impacting sensitive individuals. Research indicates that approximately 80 per cent of the population is able to tolerate these aggressive electromagnetic forces and not sustain serious consequences. But what if you are in the super-sensitive 20 per cent?

The super-sensitive 20 per cent IS being affected by these electromagnetic influences, perhaps severely. Not only can these technologies affect physical health at a gross level, they can interfere with the ability to relax, to feel safe and to meditate. Typical symptoms include lack of energy, persistent unexplained fatigue, mysterious illnesses, chronic headaches, neck aches or back pain, jumpiness, irritability, a feeling of being drained, difficulty concentrating, inability to think clearly. If you experience these symptoms when you are around computers, cell phones or wireless environments, please consider getting the Shield. You probably need it!

In terms of spiritual practice and spiritual realization, super-sensitive people can be deeply affected, distracted and disturbed by negative conflict energies in the environment. This can take place even in their own home. This gives them no where to run or hide except maybe living deep in nature without the benefits of civilization. By wearing a powerful proven holistic protection device like the time-tested BioElectric Shield, these serious issues are effectively handled. The super-sensitive individual can then live, work and meditate in a dense heavily populated urban environment.

The non-sensitive individual has trouble understanding these things. They have not experienced them. It is not unusual for them to regard these concerns of the super-sensitive person as mere fantasy. They are not fantasy. Dogs can hear sounds that we human beings cannot. The dog is not fantasizing. Likewise, the super-sensitive person is tuned into frequencies that the less sensitive individual does not consciously experience or detect.

The Shield also helps a person to stay grounded and in the physical body. This is important for maintaining a strong spiritual meditation discipline. As described above, the Shield may only be needed by the 20 per cent of the population that is super-sensitive to energies, but for that super-sensitive minority, the Shield could easily be a real life changer. The bottom line is that Ramaji KNOWS this product works. It has been around for a long time. It always delivers on its promises.

It is Ramaji’s opinion that any person will benefit from wearing the Shield. However, the most benefit will probably be experienced by the super-sensitive individual.

Ramaji has worn his Shield continuously for 15 years. Now Ramaji says “I won’t leave my house without it!” (For the record, Ramaji wears it in his house, too. The only time he does not wear it is when he is sleeping.) Below is a professional photo of the beautiful BioElectric Shield. Here is Ramaji’s direct affiliate link if you would like to make sure that Ramaji receives credit for bringing you to the BioElectric Shield website:

Ramaji’s direct link:   http://www.bioelectricshield.com/ramaji

As a one of a kind special bonus for Ramaji’s students and clients only, when you order through Ramaji, you get a FREE consultation on how the Shield that you have purchased is working for you. Ramaji will look at your aura (energy field) and give you valuable feedback on what it is doing for you. If you are undecided, Ramaji will be glad to answer your questions (please use web site Contact Form).

When the BioElectricShield is working properly, Ramaji can see and verify its beneficial effects. It looks like a big egg-shaped protective grid of glowing blue lines. This beautiful coherent energy completely surrounds your body and your personal energy field.

Wear the BioElectric Shield - Powerful Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation, Other People's Energy and Stress

Ramaji knows that this product works. Ramaji will work with you until you get the results that he knows you should be getting from this revolutionary holistic device.

Here is Ramaji’s direct link again:   http://www.bioelectricshield.com/ramaji

In the extremely rare event that you do not gain the expected benefits, the company behind the Bioelectric Shield offers an unconditional 90 Day (yes, three whole months!) money-back guarantee. They have been in business since 1990 and are dedicated to the highest quality. This company is operated by a small  group of wonderful heart-centered people. Ramaji knows these people personally. He used to meet with them at holistic health fairs in Portland, Oregon.

Ramaji is here to help. Remember, there is always their rock solid THREE month guarantee. So you have nothing to lose except your troubles due to toxic EMF fields, cell phone stress, computer radiation and the unidentified conflict energies in your personal space, your home and your life.

The amazing BioElectric Shield has made a huge difference for everyone Ramaji has been able to get feedback from. Full details can be found on their web site. Everything is explained in elegant detail. In our high-tech wireless world, it is Ramaji’s honest opinion is that you probably need this Shield or something that works just as good — and Ramaji has not found anything that works better.

Peace, Love and Blessings, Ramaji