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RASA Divine Light Video

This is an artist’s impression of the RASA (Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement) experience. Please enjoy this beautiful spiritual video.

Crown Chakra Activation from Robert Donaghey on Vimeo.

When the Crown opens wide,  there is spiritual experience of unity in Divine Light.

Welcomed by RASA, the Light quickly enters your body and your life in that moment.

This is the “spiritual download.” There is nothing to believe. Just be willing to receive.

The special effects in the video are on the flamboyant side, but the impact is not exaggerated.

The Crown chakra or energy center is the highest center in the chakra system.

When it opens, it increases direct access to higher consciousness that is literally 1000 LOC (the highest level).

You instantly receive the blessings of the divine Light. This blessing may also be thought of as Grace from Divine Mother (the descending divine force).

Even after just one RASA, it is possible that your level of consciousness will be raised up to enlightenment frequencies and stabilize in oneness (at 600 LOC or above).