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Ramaji Giving RASA in San Diego

Ramaji giving RASA (Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement) to Fred, Koort and Brenda in San Diego in July, 2012 to the sounds of “With Arms Wide Open” by Creed.

RASA takes about 5 minutes. It has the ability to raise a person’s Level of Consciousness (LOC) on the spot. It may produce other practical benefits as well. Its main purpose is to raise consciousness into enlightenment (non-duality). According to Ramaji’s Level of Consciousness (LOC) scale, enlightenment is defined as above LOC 600.

Since the levels of enlightenment range from 600 to 1000, enlightened individuals are still encouraged to keep working on themselves until they complete their spiritual journey and stabilize in the Absolute or Supreme Self at LOC 1000.

When he does RASA, Ramaji feels the spiritual energy or divine Light with his hands. It appears to accumulate and then download itself into the person’s body. The person then absorbs the spiritual energy. The RASA energy is very gentle, even soft. The Light enters the body through the open Crown chakra of the receiver.

Because of Ramaji’s non-dual devotee relationship with Divine Mother, it is believed that the spiritual power behind the effectiveness of the RASA transmission delivery is Divine Mother. In brief, the non-dual RASA transmission is the Grace of Divine Mother at work. Within certain spiritual traditions, this gentle yet powerful Grace activity has long been thought of as a “descending” divine force.

Ramaji says “This is not my energy. I am bringing down the divine Light that is already above your head. It is YOUR Light. I am just the facilitator. I am a midwife for the birthing of the divine Light in you that is your Light that you already are, that you always have been and that you always will be. I give you nothing but your Self, and you already have that. You already are that. You Are That… now!”