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Ramaji Eye Gazing Video Satsang

Be sure to enjoy Ramaji’s Eye Gazing Satsang in the last few minutes.

Ramaji conveys the joy of the Self. He explains that once you are able to rest in the Self, then sadhana or meditation becomes very simple. In the end, it is just “Be Your Self.”

The reason you may not yet be experiencing your true Self is that you are in a trance, the trance state induced by I-thought after it rises up in the morning and takes over your brain. Even though it does this each day, you have not caught it yet. Neither have about 7 billion other people on the planet!

Becoming established in the Self, which means enabling your I-feeling to expand and blossom to its full potential, also enhances your human self and fulfills your humanity. Your “Universal I” identity is also your most authentic identity.

The true Self is peace, love and happiness. This is what we discover when our contracted I-feeling is allowed to expand without limits. Liberated and realized in its infinite fullness, free of the I-thought and its “I am the body” hypnosis, our little I-feeling expands to claim its royal cosmic status as the supreme universal Self.

Ramaji with Some San Diego Satsang Members