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Satsang With Ramaji

San Diego, CA

The first Satsang in over a year takes place April 30, 2016 Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm in Alpine, CA at the Alpine Church of Spiritual Living, 2065 Arnold Way, Alpine CA 91901. There will be a talk on the power of RASA followed by silent meditation and delivery of the RASA spiritual transmission to the group.

It is open to the public on a love donation basis. You do not have to RSVP. You are free to drop in and bring any friends who are serious about spiritual awakening. This is a one-time event. There is no plan to repeat it. For more information, go to Ramaji’s Meetup.com site Ramaji Monthly Meetup Group.


If you do not live in the San Diego area, the preferred way to meet with Ramaji is via video Skype on the Internet. Ramaji’s focus is now on delivering the non-dual RASA transmission to individuals and groups via Skype.


This is a one hour Skype consultation appointment with delivery of the RASA transmission in support of non-dual awakening at the end of the hour (it takes only 5 minutes). Ramaji will be glad to answer your questions during your session.


If you just want to ask Ramaji a question via email, use the Contact Form at the above left corner. Ramaji checks his email every day and will get back to you quickly. After you receive a RASA session, you will be encouraged to use email for any questions that you may have. There is no charge for post-RASA Satsang Question & Answers via email.



RASA is an acronym for Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement. The RASA transmission is given to support non-dual awakening (enlightenment). However, other benefits may occur. There is no guarantee of enlightenment as a result of receiving RASA. The RASA experience is soft and gentle. Nothing is required of you other than allowing the experience and being receptive to it. No special belief or orientation is required. RASA can also be delivered by appointment. You make an agreement to meditate, pray or sit quietly at a certain time. Ramaji will deliver the non-dual RASA transmission during that period (a session of at least 20 minutes is recommended).

To set up a long distance RASA Skype transmission from Ramaji, please go to the Get RASA Via Skype page on this website. The distance makes no difference in terms of the potency of RASA. It is the same whether you are in person with Ramaji or on the other side of the world. The reports of grateful RASA recipients from other countries testify to that fact.

The requested donation for receiving delivery of the RASA transmission in support of non-dual awakening has been kept at a low amount in order to make it affordable for everyone. Your donation also guarantees you an hour on Skype with Ramaji where you may ask any questions and discuss any topic with him.

The non-dual RASA transmission takes about 5 minutes. “Advaita” means oneness or unity. “Shaktipat” is the direct spiritual download of this oneness or unity consciousness.During the RASA transmission, the Divine Light comes down and enters your life in order to bring you greater happiness and wholeness.


At the time of this writing, 8 people have achieved non-dual spiritual awakening (enlightenment) after receiving RASA. It has come to Ramaji’s attention that the Grace of Divine Mother is playing a major role in the delivery of RASA. It is not Ramaji’s energy and it has never felt like Ramaji’s energy.

Since Ramaji has been a devotee of Divine Mother for a long time (since 1982), it is no surprise that She might choose to use him as Her vehicle. In his conversations with Divine Mother, She has confirmed that She is behind the effectiveness of the RASA transmission.

Thanks to Divine Mother’s action, RASA may also be defined as “the direct download of the non-dual Grace of Divine Mother.” However you describe it or think about it, in spite of its power and fast action, it is surprisingly gentle and completely safe. The Crown chakra is opened and activated to promote a graceful experience of oneness.


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The Crown chakra, located at the top of the head, is the highest spiritual center for most people. There is another sacred center, the causal Heart center at the right of the chest, but very few people have this center open and activated.

Pretty much everyone is able to receive a spiritual Blessing through the Crown chakra center. Ramaji’s mission is to bless as many people as possible via RASA. Although there is no way to predict the long-term benefits, close study has revealed that during the typical RASA delivery the person is lifted up into non-dual frequencies of consciousness quickly and effortlessly.

Some recipients do actually stabilize in a non-dual level of consciousness (enlightenment state) immediately after receiving RASA. Much depends on a person’s preparation and readiness. Ramaji’s impression is that the people who stabilized in non-dual enlightenment after receiving the RASA transmission had done considerable preparation prior to getting RASA. They were “ripe” and ready for it. It was their time to awaken. The RASA transmission was the vehicle for precipitating the awakening they had prepared for. In general, these people were already very spiritually advanced and had been on the spiritual path for a long time.

Ramaji is simply the agent for delivering RASA. It is not his personal energy. The power behind RASA is the divine transformational force in its descending form (Divine Mother).


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The RASA transmission in support of non-dual awakening opens the Crown Chakra at the top of your head to support your smooth transition into enlightened (above LOC 600) frequencies of consciousness. Other beneficial “life healing” events may occur in physical and emotional health, relationships and virtually any area of life where the divine Light of the Self wishes to provide Grace, healing and karmic purification.

For example, one recipient of RASA experienced a sudden freedom from terrorizing panic attacks. Another recipient was rewarded with a welcome reduction of physical pain. Another RASA recipient received healing of a relationship with a family member. This is in addition to the direct spiritual benefit of living with a higher LOC (Level of Consciousness).

Ramaji does not know the limits of RASA. The new direction is to deliver RASA to groups of people at one time. There is no loss for the individual. The RASA benefits are the same. What we do know about RASA is that the results will be positive. RASA enables the Divine Light that is already above your head to come down into your body and your life. As a result, there may be purification and spiritual “detoxification.” This is normal when exposed to a powerful positive spiritual cleansing force. However, the delivery of the RASA transmission has undergone considerable refinement since its advent in 2011 and even “detox” reactions are now quite rare.

Ramaji says “The Crown chakra is the gateway to higher consciousness. When it is opened wide, enlightenment occurs. From the Heart on the right or Self a secret path called Amrita Nadi, the way of immortality, regenerates upwards as a living joyful River of Light up to the Crown. The entire being is illuminated. The so-called world disappears in a blaze of light.  Then ‘There Is Only the Self’ is true even in daily life.”


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Many Blessings in the Light of the Supreme Self, Ramaji