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HoldingBook-CloseCropHi, this is Ramaji.

My books are available on Amazon.com. I am working hard on making new practical teachings on spiritual, metaphysical, occult, self-help, psychology and health topics available via downloadable MP3 format.

We will soon have digital versions of my books on iTunes, Nook and other major digital book outlets as well as the downloadable audio.

My books on Amazon.com are available as a physical book and a Kindle book both. I am writing more books, so keep a look out for new titles.

Please use the “Contact Ramaji” box (top left) if you would like to receive the RASA transmission for enlightenment or if you want to reach me personally.


Peace, Love and Many Blessings in the Self, Ramaji



The Levels of Consciousness and a Map of Spiritual Awakening for Seekers and Teachers


Now available on Amazon.com, 1000 is a complete guide to LOCs (Levels of Consciousness) and the new Map of Awakening.

Ramaji gives an overview of the lower levels of consciousness (LOC 30 to LOC 499). He explains the emergence of spirituality (LOC 500 to 559). He then describes the advanced seeker stages (LOC 560 to LOC 589) getting ready to leap into non-duality.

Ramaji covers the four non-dual stages in considerable depth. Entries from his private spiritual journal illuminate this ultimate journey.

The new non-dual sage goes from local space spontaneity (LOC 600s) to cosmic or universal consciousness (LOC 700s) to divine unknowing (LOC 800s) to, for a few, the hesitant hermit (LOC 900s). He arrives at and stabilizes in the Absolute (LOC 1000).

In order to assist the advanced seekers and spiritual teachers around the world, Ramaji offers case studies and other in-depth practical explanations in order to show how each major non-dual stage is different from the others. He also does all he can to describe the nature and experience of the Absolute. He calls upon Ramana and Nisargdatta frequently in his efforts to explain the Absolute which is by Its very nature ineffable and utterly beyond words. There has never been a book like 1000 before. If you are on the spiritual path in any way, this is a book that you simply cannot do without.

The complete Map of Awakening with Levels of Consciousness and a condensed Map are included. Complementing the Map of Awakening are deep studies of 7 different traditional spiritual maps of non-dual awakening: the Seven Valleys of Sufism, the Five Ranks of Tozan, the 10 Zen Oxherding Pictures, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Stages of Advaita Vedanta, Major Arcana of the Tarot and the Hero’s Journey.

One of Ramaji’s students jokingly referred to 1000 as the “Bible 2.0.” You may not agree, but one thing is for sure. You cannot afford to be without YOUR copy of 1000 by Ramaji!



Review of “1000” By Mandi Solk, Author of “The Joy of No Self”


Mandi Solk (LOC 1000) is a brilliant non-duality teacher based in the U. K.

Who Am I? Meditation is the new practical guide to Self-inquiry. There are very few practical guides to this meditation rejuvenated by Ramana Maharshi. Ramaji worked with dozens of students from around the world and asked them what their biggest problems with Self-inquiry were. He then worked with these students over time with the new insights and methods to find out what worked best. This book is the remarkable result. The teachings offer assistance to beginning, intermediate and advanced meditators. The first major stage is dropping the mind into the Heart. From there, stabilization in the Heart must be achieved so that thoughts are not followed and the true origin of thought is uncovered. Finally, the student stabilizes completely in the Heart and experiences the unqualified spiritual freedom of the great renowned sages.

Who Am I? Meditation

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Review of “Who Am I? Meditation” By Colin Drake, Author of “Awakening and Beyond”


Colin Drake (LOC 1000) is known for the unusual clarity of his non-dual books.








The Spiritual Heart is Ramaji’s unique critique of the ego I-thought based on the teachings of Ramana Maharshi.

The I-thought is the arising of separation from the Heart based on the assumption of “I am this body” as the basis of identity.

Only when the troublesome I-thought has been dissolved in the Heart is the person free and fully enlightened.


The Spiritual Heart








Ramaji’s students fall into two camps. They are not as different as they seem. The first camp is the men and women who naturally or with little effort feel the Heart. This may be the Heart on the right or the heart chakra in the center of the chest. The second camp is the people who find that in meditation they discover the Heart as natural pure awareness. This is fine. It is not a problem. For this second group, Ramaji wrote No Mind No Problem. The view is similar to Dzogchen or Mahamudra, yet it is entirely unique in its approach. If you are already familiar with “awareness of awareness” practices, then this book will be a welcome adventure. Its easy access and friendly playful attitude wins over many readers.

No Mind No Problem








Waking Up As Awareness

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You Are Everything

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The Tao of Non-Doing

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Heal Your Body Free Your Mind

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Warning From Kali (Kindle Only)