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ATTENTION: THIS PAGE IS BEING REVISED. A NEW WEBSITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOR RAMAJI’S MUSIC. The old site (RamajiUnity.com) has been removed. When RamajiMusic.com is online, it will offer FREE online listening to Ramaji’s songs.

LISTEN FOR FREE to “Supreme Self” EP Digital Album (RAMAJI UNITY Music)

Ramaji believes that the expression of enlightenment can be fun, juicy and enjoyable. Ramaji decided to express the feeling tone of non-dual enlightenment via music. Unlike most so-called “spiritual music,” this new digital mp3 album “Supreme Self” by Ramaji and his music production team “Ramaji Unity” consists of high energy music that utilizes contemporary music formats such as dance, hip hop and ballads.

In addition to writing the lyrics, Ramaji programmed these 5 unique songs to calibrate at LOC 1000. Whatever your personal reaction to a song may be, please keep in mind that it is transmitting an enlightened spiritual frequency.

Listen for FREE to the Songs on “Supreme Self” — Click Here!

Part of the vision for “Supreme Self” is to make it available to listeners around the world at no charge. As is the convention in the music industry, a short entertaining “dj drop” announces the name of the band “Ramaji Unity” at the start of each song. Otherwise, you are getting the entire song, not just an excerpt.

There is an art to listening to these songs. Please listen to them through headphones or on very high quality speakers. It is suggested that you actually sing along with and immerse yourself in the songs. Allow them to take you over and permeate your current mood and state. In other words, use them as a form of meditation. Of course, you can have them playing while you are driving your car, walking down the street or doing something else. Just keep in mind that in spite of their seemingly mundane (and, in most cases, happy celebratory foot stomping) personality, they are loaded with unique sonic spiritual potency!


About the Songs

RamajiUnity.com features the full lyrics by Ramaji plus the story behind the album and details on the talented people behind it.

“Supreme Self (1000)” — Title track. It is tied to Ramaji’s book “1000” (a new free map for the journey of enlightenment).

“Feel the Love” — High energy celebration… Love is in the air!

“Who Am I” — A contemporary musical tribute to Sri Ramana Maharshi and Self-inquiry.

“Non-Dual Truck” — For everybody out there who is taking “non-duality” a little too seriously.

“One (the Crown Chakra Song)” — Directly impacts the Crown chakra (top of the head) to open it up wide.

Lyrics to the “Supreme Self (1000)” Song

Listen to “Supreme Self (1000)” for Free Right Now…


I Don’t Want the Five Hundreds,
Grimly Seeking Truth.

I Don’t Want the Six Hundreds,
Stuck in Their “No Self.”

I Don’t Want the Seven Hundreds,
Playing Cosmic Games.

Eight Hundreds… Nine Hundreds…
More of the Same.

Joy of Universal Supreme Self One Thousand
I Am Free… Free to Be


In the Five Hundreds Stage, You Are the Seeker,
Yoga, Inquiry, Meditation, Still You Are the Doer.

In the Six Hundreds Stage, the Doership Is Gone,
With Your Special Missing Self, You Are Enthralled.

In the Seven Hundreds Stage, Your Open Self Expands,
You Are the Universe, the Great Cosmic I Am.


Everything is perfect, just as it is,
I Love Me… Infinitely…



In the Eight Hundreds Stage, You and God Are One,
Kill the Buddha on Your Road, If You Would Go On.

In the Nine Hundreds Stage, Remains the Thinnest Veil,
Trapped by Your Sacred Peace, You Hide from the World.




Free to Be… As You Are…

“Supreme Self” Album Production Notes

Lyrics, project conception and overall production on “Supreme Self” are by Ramaji.

The vocalist featured throughout the album is the very talented and lovely Kellian Cross. You can reach her at KellianCross.com. She has been a pure pleasure to work with. Thank you, Kellian!

The background music is provided by arrangement with the gifted cutting edge music producers at 20DollarBeats.com. Most of the tracks are by Kustom, a talented young music producer based in Los Angeles, California.

The songs were mastered by Shawn over at TheRealShawnRainey.com. He was able to bring out the enthusiastic warm feeling that Ramaji wanted this project to convey to listeners around the world.

As of this writing, a website in support of the album is under construction at RamajiUnity.com. There you will find full lyrics, more on the story behind this highly original non-duality album “Supreme Self” and be able to download the songs as well as listen to them.

The ep album “Supreme Self” consists of 5 mp3 songs. They are available right now for FREE online listening. Please Share the Love and Tell Your Friends!