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Ramaji and Ananda Devi Open Circle Online RASA Transmission Satsang Non-Duality Enlightenment – July 30, 2017

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ATTENTION: As of October, 2017, more than 350 people are at LOC 1000 around the world. RASA is delivered over Skype by Ramaji and his teaching partner Ananda Devi. You can order a RASA session from either of them or from both of them at once below. There are 16 Certified RASA Givers in India, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway and the United States. Contact information is available upon request.

RASA With Ramaji

 ITALO_2015_03-Senigallia-03“Ramaji is an enlightened being who can and does help many on the path to enlightenment. His map of the ‘Levels of Consciousness’ is faultless and priceless for the serious spiritual seeker. His genuine love and compassion in helping others is the mark of his spiritual accomplishment. His unique ‘RASA’ transmission is helping many and certainly helped me to enhance and stabilize my own awakening.”
Rishi Chony Dorje (Italo Cillo), Non-duality Teacher and Dzogchen Master, Malta and Italy italocillo.it (Response to inquiries will be in English)

Claire Cerridwen Davies

Dear Ramaji,
I have had a big shift in consciousness I was wondering if the Shaktipat was taking place already! I keep feeling my crown chakra tingle. Thank you so much for the blessing the other day 😉 I really felt the energy and had such beautiful dreams … sort of interspersed with energy surges and slipping in and out of different realities.
I do feel different 😉 it could of course be that I have someone to connect with on the earth plane that has answers to my questions! Usually people expect me to have the answers lol Did you suggest three shaktipats? If so I’d like to book another one and two of my friends would like one too… Let me know how best you think it is for me to continue to raise my LOC with you 😉
Effects are subtle but profound! I’ve actually felt a little bit on shifting sands and experienced a change/shift. With clients amazing insights pop into my head I’ve really noticed that! With clients so emotional as I’ve untangled there blah!  I’m happy to promote and support you in getting this energy out there! Thank you for your generosity of spirit and your energy!
Claire Cerridwen Davies, United Kingdom, Claire-Lifeenthusiast.com
Fahad Mashal Al-NawabDear Ramaji,
I was actually a little sceptical about how powerful the RASA would be based on my prior experiences. But when I received it I got a sense of why others view energy healing as so profound. To be honest, it blew my mind.
When I closed my eyes I could already feel an energy building. It felt like white light descending, with a metallic/electromagnetic/sparkly feel. The RASA energy felt similar to previous healing energies I’ve experienced, but it was much more powerful and impactful. I felt bursts of this white light throughout the RASA which I could see through my third eye which was strongly activated. The energy felt like it was very active from the bottom of my chest area to above my crown.
So during and after the RASA I was a little shocked at its power. When I meditated after I was able to let go to quite a significant degree. My face started contorting and I just flowed with it. Again there were bursts of white light through my third eye and I felt uplifted and ‘active’ but not out of control. I could feel my ego trying to step in but I was able to see it for large parts and just soften as best I could. Then towards the end I felt like opening my eyes, but as I did so my eyes wanted close so I allowed them too. I then got the sense that I wouldn’t be able to open them, that I had been blinded, and I felt some fear and panic. But I remembered in your book that you had mentioned that the RASA cannot harm you, so I relaxed and eventually opened my eyes.
After the meditation, I felt very altered. I was very open and uplifted. I was strongly here as ‘me’ but there was also a little space between ‘Me’ and my experience. I felt more open, but also stronger in myself too. Since then, my mind has continued to feel altered (it feels spacey, and I can still sense the crackly energy from the RASA), albeit subtly. I sometimes get the sense that I’m in my head, but when I try to drop into my heart I notice that my heart is already open – it feels like there is more of an open connection between my heart and my head now.
In summary, the session was surreal. I was drawn to work with you because I felt your work resonated with what’s important to me at this time – heart-based work, energy healing, and a direct approach. The session was everything I deeply longed and hoped for and more so there is no doubt that I would like to continue working with you. I believe you recommend RASAs weekly or monthly, and I am definitely more interested in the former option at this stage. I feel blessed to have connected with you at this time. I feel reinvigorated on my path, and it feels like the transition has come at just the perfect time. Most warmly and gratefully…
Fahad Mashal Al-Nawab, United Kingdom
H. D. Bangladesh
Dear Ramaji,
Although it has been only 1.5 days since I have received RASA from you, I can’t wait any longer to tell you about the effect of RASA on me. I have observed a sharp decrease of mundane thoughts. If one person goes from a very crowded and noisy place to a quiet library, he will definitely feel the silence. Similarly I can experience the silence. It’s like the noises of thoughts in my head are muted or put on a lower decibel. It’s wonderful!!
When I took RASA (Saturday morning in our time zone), I felt the slight feeling of pressure above my head all day. However, on second day of RASA, I don’t feel this sensation anymore. Thanks for your amazing RASA session with me.
 H. D., Bangladesh


Dear Ramaji,
The session itself was simple and short. Resting into the breath I soon noticed that my state had shifted, subtly more even and brighter. I felt/saw as if three fire pokers were removed from the top of my heart and then a greater spaciousness was obvious around the top of my head.
I then noticed there was an energy descending, or perhaps emerging in and as me, because there was no front edge to it, no wave as it entered and transformed, it just smoothly became me. It had the quality of deep relaxation and a subtle yet thick bliss. It was profoundly subtle and extremely full field of Goddess Love, as if an ocean was above me pouring into/through/as me with the barest golden hue, if it ever glinted in the immense darkness, and despite the sense of scale it felt utterly intimate.
The sense of the descending field of love continued through a brief meditation, and then uninterrupted through an argument with my partner where I got quite emotionally triggered. Experiencing that was remarkable.
It reached a point hours later, around sundown, where the vibrational impact felt so deep and full that I needed to lay down. Some organic processing or subtle-digesting occurred over a few hours…. phone call from my partner, a completely unexpected breakthrough between us into deeper harmony, and then I noticed I felt clear, brighter and smoother throughout my inner awareness.
Chris Stewart, Australia AwakenedLiving.com.au
Tauren Carlson 2013-03-28Dear Ramaji,
I just wanted to report my experience with RASA thus far. I woke up this morning still feeling the effects. I feel like I have undergone an ego lobotomy of sorts… LOL. I feel a sort of spacious feeling above my head and in front of my third eye. I have notice a dramatic decrease in mental activity. I still have thoughts, but they are more like commentaries about what I am doing at the moment… and they are more in the periphery if that makes sense? Thoughts are happening but I feel more anchored in my heart. I feel like my thoughts are more focused… like they are more clear when they do happen… instead of out of control ramblings.
I love this feeling. I am not really thinking about the past or anything like that. I feel more anchored in the present and feel more love. I feel like there was a shift that took place. I have tried different forms of meditation in the last few years. Recently, I was doing a mantra meditation using “I AM” as the mantra.
However, this morning… I didn’t feel like “efforting” with a mantra. Instead, I decided to simply watch my thoughts and use Self-Inquiry if anything arouse. I just sat as an awareness and watched for any thoughts. If anything arose, I used self inquiry. The 15 minute meditation seemed to pass really fast… it felt like 5 minutes. Anyways, just wanted to share my experience. Thanks, Tauren
Tauren Carlson, California
My first sense was the odd dichotomy of the loud external plane take-off sounds vs. the Deep, Silent, Stillness where “I” was somehow present in. I could hear the the external sounds, but the Silence was so much louder. My body disappeared, I had no sensation of my body except one point where my ankle bone touched my leg as I sat in a cross legged position. The session felt decades long, time wise, but not accompanied by any feeling of “when will this end”…rather the sense was here is Home. Here It is. Felt some pressure at the base of my skull at one point, but the Deep Awareness of this right side of my chest seemed all that was…cocoon like, actually. Felt so deeply present, enveloped in the strength of Stillness.
A couple of hours later I had to lie down, felt quite tired. And then the sensation was of an internal purposeful “spring cleaning” within my body. It felt like an orchestrated directed cleanse of my internal body. I tried to talk on the phone after and realized I couldn’t hold the other persons thoughts to respond…I really needed to still sit and be silent.
I can say now I feel alive, the right side of my chest “feels”…where before I found peace there, but it felt restricted. I feel some opening there, with the left Heart sometimes seeming to palpate/ pressure/ almost to distract me from journeying to the Right side. It feels like it is trying to energetically push thru some tributary from my left Heart to my right Heart. Thank you. Thank you.
I am still feeling the after effects/glow of the first RASA:) My primary loudest shift is the newfound palpable awareness of that Space of pure Awareness. A knowing of what that “feels” like for me, as of now. It indeed seems to always remind me throughout the day, either through gentle beckoning or some negative emotional trigger to “remember me, bring me forward, sink into me, i am all that.” And a delicate dance ensues of remembering, forgetting, merging.
Wanted to share my Rasa #2 experience:
I feel an extra bright illumination localized in my head region, it is so full and alive. There is some slight pressure at the base of my skull, but what I am most cognizant of is the pressure in a short section of the suborbital ridges of both my eyes( i know, like weird and precise:). The sensation is as if something is “stuck” there and the Light is working on opening.
Deep calm envelops. Beams of light emanate from my head down into my body/field and appear like streamers of swaying ribbon connected to the top of a Maypole. I feel as if I go “in and out” with my mind…one minute remembering I need to pay a bill, the next oh yes, I want to sink in here…although there is no anxiety to make the thoughts or experience any different.
I see a flash of Babaji before me and think it must be my mind remembering a picture I saw of him recently. And then in a flash I am out of my body and observing myself sitting in lotus posture floating in “Space.” Calmness is. I have the sensation of different energetic “layers” of my body being shown. From the right side of my body, streams of light are precisely directed into these different layers. I am witnessing this light show. And then I feel you ending the session. I was quite tired after meditating and went to sleep for a deep 20 minutes.
It is as if my “alive” switch has been turned on since receiving these sessions and talking with you. There seems to be a very active internal “doing” re: working with emotions/thoughts, but it seems to be supported by this new awareness of Awareness. I feel as if a “spark” has been lit within. Life is happening as always, yet another “life” is simultaneously happening…that’s what it feel like! Who am “I”? What is this “I”? Who is “I”? Right Heart, sinking, beckoning, remembering. Deep heart gratitude. I am truly grateful you are here in my life. Wow!!! So in awe of the always unfolding.
You bring a joy and a smile, thanks, Mary from California


RASA With Ananda Devi

“I had the very good fortune to have had already 3 RASA sessions with Ananda Devi. If I had to choose words to describe my experience with her, I want to say: ‘She is unconditional Love! She combines her awakened Heart with a superb understanding of the challenges that often come with post awakening! Her compassion is totally amazing!’ She helped me with accepting fully and coping with the somewhat darker times after a strong awakening.
The RASA she shares at the end of the session I can only describe as being showered by rivers of divine Light, divine Love that changes all cells and recalibrates the brain into pure harmony and bliss. It lasts, and if daily challenges seem to disturb it, I now only have to remind myself of this Real Self and that it is always there.
I am forever grateful to have met Ananda Devi and can wholeheartedly recommend her! She is a wonderful Spiritual Teacher, an awakened woman, who can lovingly and gently guide many into full awareness and through the myths of post awakening! Thank you with all my heart Ananda Devi!!!”
Bettine Clemen, Internationally known Solo Flutist, now living in the Alps of Germany JoyofMusic.com
“Pearl of Great Price! After working with Ramaji for a few months, dialoging wth him, and receiving RASA, I came to an impasse and felt that my progress had been stalled. Then Ananda Devi came on the scene and things cleared up in very short order. She teamed up with Ramaji to deliver the one-two punch that finally put me over the edge, where I had been teetering and tottering, either unable, or unwilling, to take the final plunge on my own.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating, of course, and now I am enjoying an incredible and never-ending feast. I could talk endlessly about this, but I want to keep it short. All I can say is that I could never have done this all on my own and I feel like my spiritual seeking could have gone on forever had she (and Ramaji) not intervened. I always wondered what exactly the “pearl of great price” referred to. Now I know. Love, joy, and gratitude abounds. My cup runneth over, indeed.”
Gary Falk, Woodstock, NY enlightenmentforassholes.com
I’ve received RASA several times with Ananda Devi in a group setting, and twice one on one. I’ve never met anyone with a more generous spirit and loving heart. When Ananda delivers the RASA it enters my being like a golden light, clear and unmistakable. She’s also talked to me at length about where I am on the path of awakening and has made concrete suggestions. I feel lucky to have been blessed with such an amazing teacher.
Carolyn Marsden, La Jolla, California


The first meeting with Ananda Devi was so amazing because I felt from the beginning rays of light in and from the heart. More than connection of those rays – it was there IS only light, rays of light. It felt like melting, very different to all RASA meetings before. Only love. Yesterday after our meeting when I was in bed there was so much energy running through the body, so much light,
and when I was listening to some music it was like melting with the music. I am the music, the vibration, the sound. I hardly could sleep because I felt so much energy, so awake and I found myself smiling, totally happy, content and at peace and at the same time energetically total open and vibrating. Thank you so much. 🙂 It seems it is helpful to connect more with other women.
Angelica Traxler, Austria www.angelicatraxler.at
There is no word that can express my gratitude for you, Ananda. As for my spiritual practice, shame and self-condemning had always been the major challenges for my progress. The feeling of unworthiness constantly creeps up on me and blocked my ability to love. Your unconditional acceptance and patience showed me how to embrace my true honest feelings. This greatly opened up my heart center, and made me felt for the first time in my life that I truly deserve unlimited love for just being exactly who I am.
The RASAs I received from you significantly stopped my mindstorms, making me surrender deeply into the pure knowing of being. I am absolutely certain that this is the end of my spiritual seeking. Now I realize that I AM already what I was looking for. I am forever thankful for all your grace. I feel so blessed to have you as my Guru and dearest friend, Ananda!
Infinite Love, Yixiong (Jason) Zhang, Plainfield, Florida

RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD “The RASA Opportunity” — A Free 12 Page Chapter From the New Book 1000 By Ramaji

Introduction to RASA with Ramaji and Ananda Devi

The Standard Skype RASA Session lasts for up to 60 minutes (up to 45 minutes of talking followed by 15 minutes of silent RASA). The RASA (Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement) delivery in support of your enlightenment and non-dual spiritual awakening takes about 15 minutes. We will talk up to 45 minutes first, then you relax and receive as the RASA spiritual transmission is delivered to you. Ramaji or Ananda then asks you to meditate. After the RASA is delivered, that is the end of the session. You then meditate as long as you wish.

In the first skype RASA session, Ramaji or Ananda will tell you your LOC. The actual RASA is conducted in silence. Ramaji or Ananda will do the silent non-dual RASA transmission while you sit in a relaxed receptive state. The total time required for a Standard Skype RASA Session (short chat plus RASA transmission) is a maximum of 60 minutes.

It is possible to obtain a live Skype RASA Session from both Ramaji and Ananda Devi. However, due to the challenges of scheduling such a meeting as well as the fact that we are both participating, the student will pay a premium. See below for more information regarding the “Skype RASA With Both Ramaji and Ananda Devi” option.

Ramaji also offers one on one in-depth Spiritual Coaching via Skype with RASA. These life-transforming sessions are scheduled for 2 full hours and may last 2 and 1/2 hours. Ramaji can see aura, chakras, Kundalini, past lives and energy blocks. He is also a trained therapist adept at using rapid therapy techniques. Ramaji’s first spiritual breakthrough was a Kundalini awakening as a teenager in 1966. He brings to your session more than 50 years of practical, psychological and spiritual wisdom. Coaching sessions are recorded for your personal use. All Coaching sessions conclude with RASA.

In the one on one Coaching Session, the discussion can be about any subject. It may easily last several hours. Two hours or two and a half hours is not uncommon. The RASA is delivered at the end of that type of session, too. The Coaching Session is offered for people who need extended in-depth work on various blocks, issues and long-term problems. For most people, the Standard Skype RASA Session is all they will ever need.

If you have Kundalini issues, please know in advance that you will need to book a Coaching session. You can start with a Standard session, but fixing Kundalini blocks and imbalances requires a full scale evaluation of your chakras, chakra blocks and the location of your Kundalini, e.g. how high it has risen and what chakra it is at. Ramaji can see where the Kundalini has stopped rising in your chakra system. This usually means he also knows how it got stuck and what can be done about it. In your Standard session you get to meet Ramaji and get RASA, but Kundalini work requires a Coaching session.

An option for experienced students is weekly, bimonthly or monthly RASA maintenance delivery. The format is a 30 minute “mini” session. It consists of 15 minutes discussion and then the RASA transmission is delivered for 15 minutes. This option becomes available to you after you have had at least 2 live full Skype or Zoom sessions with Ramaji or Ananda. For more information about the maintenance “mini session” RASA, please see below.

Ramaji began delivering the RASA attunement or blessing in 2011. Since then, it has become clear from the reports of actual recipients of the RASA that the energy being “downloaded” or received is NOT that of Ramaji or Ananda Devi the person. As one client put it, “It’s amazing that you are able to transmit that, yet it is definitely not you! As much as I respect you, it totally feels like it is Source, you know, it’s not a human thing… and yet it is a human thing because we all have it!”

If you do not have a free Skype account, please get one. Just go to Skype.com.

When you create your Skype account, use a recent image of yourself. For your Skype RASA session with Ramaji or Ananda Devi, video Skype is preferred. For the best connection and transmission, we need to have your visual information, not just the audio of your voice.

If you do not have the right computer setup for video Skype, the RASA transmission can still be delivered via audio Skype or your telephone. In that case, you will need to email Ramaji or Ananda a recent picture. You can contact Ramaji or Ananda via the Contact Form (top left on this web site) or via the email provided on the Contact Us page to make arrangements for your audio Skype or telephone RASA session.

Are You Ready For RASA?

Although a wide range of benefits have appeared after receiving RASA, such as physical, emotional, mental and relationship healing, the main purpose of RASA is to rapidly and effortlessly raise your Level of Consciousness (LOC). Ramaji and Ananda Devi have identified certain factors in those who have had the greatest success with RASA, but these factors are in the spiritual dimension making them difficult to describe.

“End of seeking” is a common characteristic of those who have great success with RASA. The person has reached the end of their seeking and they know it. They know that their seeking, even if it is still going on, will not bring them enlightenment. They have realized the powerlessness of the ego to bring about this spiritual awakening. They have realized that they need Grace. RASA delivers Grace. It is impossible to guarantee enlightenment, but whatever makes you fully ready and available will greatly increase your chances.

RASA is a direct non-dual Satsang (communion with Truth) transmission. If you are below 640 LOC (Level of Consciousness) at the time of your first RASA, it will facilitate your entry into non-dual (Unity or Oneness) consciousness. It is typical for a receptive person to shift into high non-dual frequencies (1000 LOC) right after receiving RASA. Stabilization above 640 is a different matter, but a strong “taste” of non-duality is being delivered.

When RASA raises your LOC into non-dual levels of Unity consciousness and you are able to stabilize there, the true value of RASA is found to be priceless. RASA operates by taking the person into very high non-dual enlightenment immediately (usually straight up to LOC 1000). So the elevation into an enlightened state is literally built into this RASA procedure that was designed by the Divine Mother and is being orchestrated by Her as a Grace transmission for the sake of each individual aspirant.

The question of whether or not this elevation into illumination will stabilize can only be answered by the Supreme or True Self. In the event of permanent stabilization in and enjoyment of the uplifted enlightenment consciousness, it is safe to say that this benefit of RASA cannot be put into words. It is your natural state. It is from Divine Source, from the Divine Feminine aspect of God that is found in most religions and spiritual traditions.

This direct contact with the Grace of Divine Love is unprecedented in recent history. There have been individuals who delivered Grace but this was within the framework of a traditional Guru-devotee relationship. All that is required for the delivery of RASA from the Divine Feminine is a modest financial donation and your willingness to relax, receive and be available to Grace. This kind of offering of Grace from Divine Love is totally new and reflects the global acceleration of awakening upon our planet.

Will You Attain Enlightenment After Receiving RASA?

There are no levels, grades or stages to what Ramaji and Ananda Devi are providing. We offer everything in your very first Skype RASA session! As remarkable as it may sound, nowadays it is not uncommon for students to go to LOC 1000 in one session. Obviously, there is no guarantee that this will happen to you. That said, several students go to LOC 1000 every month. With only a few exceptions, individuals who have persisted in receiving RASA have been able to stabilize at LOC 1000 within one year. If a person fails to get enlightened, it is usually because they stopped receiving RASA.

RASA is often described as a heavenly or celestial blessing that is felt to descend directly from the Divine Feminine in the form of tangible and effective Grace. A typical report describes the experience as one of a gentle shimmering shower of Light that comes down from above. There may be feelings of peace, love, bliss, expansion and much more. Extraordinary spiritual experiences and deep transformations may arise as this powerful yet very gentle divine energy penetrates, permeates and saturates the being. The RASA benefits keep working for at least two weeks afterwards.

There is increasing evidence that the divine Light of RASA works directly on the brain to take full advantage of its neuroplasticity. Many students who stabilized in enlightenment after receiving one or more RASAs have reported feeling unique sensations in different parts of their brain during and after receiving RASA. Our research indicates that the brain actually is changed at a physical level, thus enabling rapid and permanent stabilization in non-duality in the conscious waking state. As perceived by a clairvoyant intuitive, the Crown chakra is opened and activated during the RASA transmission. In the case of the RASA recipient who becomes enlightened, the Crown chakra remains expanded and blossoms to a permanently wide open status.

While it cannot be promised since such things are truly up to God, as of April, 2017 more than 250 individuals around the world have attained enlightenment (permanent stabilization in non-duality) as a direct result of receiving the RASA blessing for awakening delivered by Ramaji, Ananda Devi or another certified RASA Giver.

About Ramaji

Ramaji teaches Advaita and non-duality based on the direct path of Self-inquiry meditation. This includes the teachings of Amrita Nadi and the Heart on the right in the tradition of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Ramaji is the author of many books on enlightenment and non-duality including 1000, Who Am I? Meditation, The Spiritual Heart, No Mind No Problem, You Are Everything, Waking Up As Awareness and The Tao of Non-Doing. His books are available on Amazon.com.

Ramaji is one of the few spiritual teachers in the West who is guiding students in the complete path of Self-inquiry meditation from the very beginning to the very end of the sadhana where the I-thought is detected, tracked and eliminated for good. This final result on the path corresponds to Self-realization.

Ramaji has been a dedicated devotee of Divine Mother since 1982 when She appeared to him and spoke to him in the form of Kali Ma at a temple in Hollywood, California that is dedicated to Sri Ramakrishna. He was a serious disciplined practitioner of Buddhist Vipassana meditation under the tutelage of Venerable Shinzen Young. This included doing 10 day Vipassana retreats and attaining Nibbana (Nirvana) by following the exact methods and precise stages taught in the Theravadan Buddhist tradition of Southeast Asia. His experience with Kundalini begin at the age of 16. Later in life this awakening blossomed as a full Kundalini uprising that went through the Crown chakra, moved down into the Heart on the right and then unleashed itself as a radical brilliant blazing of the luminous Amrita Nadi (aham sphurana). The final elimination of the ego I-thought (termination in the Heart on the right or Hridayam) occurred in Spring, 2008. Details will be found in 1000, Ramaji’s massive groundbreaking guide to the path of enlightenment from confusion in the seeker stage to full realization of the one supreme Self.

Ramaji’s association with Ananda Devi began in February, 2016 when she came to him as a student. She went to LOC 1000 immediately from her first RASA. In November, 2015, Ramaji had received a vision from Kali Ma in which he was told that Linda, his blonde wife at the time, would be replaced by a brunette woman who was being sent to Ramaji for the specific purpose of helping him expand the reach of RASA to the world. That woman is Ananda Devi.

About Ananda Devi

As a giver of RASA, I am imbued with a sense of rapture, filled with wonder and fuelled by awe at the effectiveness and spontaneous awakenings that I witness occurring so often to so many individuals. I first received RASA in Feb 2016. I had been a spiritual seeker and student for many years. Not only that, I was a skeptic about such things. After achieving many mystical “states” induced through meditation etc. I was inclined to overlook and discount the notion of spiritual energy transmission.
As soon as I received RASA, I quickly recognized the fault in my thinking. RASA shifted my intrinsic experience into a fundamental knowingness. A deep new stable recognition of my inner knowingness of being, of truth and presence as it is, as it has always been, took place.

This was an exceptional period in my life. Awakening was not at all “easy going” for me. It was the beginning of what I now call the grandest destruction of anything and everything false or untrue. It was the annihilation of any “story”, of belief systems, thoughts, or other conditioned understandings I had gathered over my lifetime. Not only did my residual inner falseness dissolve, so did the false within my outer manifestation. It crumbled into dust! Yet here I AM.

I can safely say that there is nothing quite like being your true SELF! It means embracing what is TRUE and standing in one’s authentic power as a unique part of the whole. I have only one desire left. It is to help and empower anyone willing to receive and allow this feminine divine energy, this RASA, to work for them.
Ultimately as one’s understanding and consciousness begin to expand, one is quick to recognize this divinity as a part of self, of each self. Each of us has this within. We confine this knowingness through our limiting belief systems, our thoughts and our mind games. Truth is what we are already. We cannot become what we are because we already are it! A RASA transmission allows for these blockages, these false limiting ideas, to dissolve, leaving one just as they are… perfect love!

After you have made your donation for your video Skype RASA session, contact Ramaji or Ananda Devi on Skype and make a “contact request.”

Ramaji is listed on Skype in two ways. One is “Ramaji.” The other is “advaita4idiots.” Ananda Devi’s Skype features a quote by Kierkegaard: “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” We are in San Diego.

How Is Your RASA Grace Transmission Session Structured?

RASA is available to all. You do not have to become a student of Ramaji or Ananda Devi to receive it. You do not need to follow any belief system. You do not even need to have a belief in God. To believe in RASA is enough to receive RASA. The non-dual Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement (RASA) transmission of the enlightened frequencies is for everyone.

After you make your voluntary love donation (dakshinam) as your sincere gift to the teacher in exchange for deeksha (spiritual blessing) or shaktipat (transfer of Grace to quicken your enlightenment process), Ramaji or Ananda will approve your access on Skype. You will be contacted via email to schedule your first RASA session. We must first make contact on Skype. We cannot Skype at the time of our Skype session unless we have first contacted each other on Skype.

Ramaji or Ananda will take the time to answer any questions you may have about RASA. If you have no questions, the first session can be quite brief as the RASA transmission (download of divine Light and Grace from the Divine Feminine from above the Crown chakra) itself takes just 15 minutes. The Standard Skype RASA Session lasts for a maximum of 60 minutes (including 15 minutes for RASA).

After receiving RASA, you will be asked to sit quietly for 15 minutes more to absorb the non-dual spiritual download. Even though your Level of Consciousness (LOC) will shoot up rapidly, a difficult “detox” experience is unlikely. The RASA transmission incorporates the universal feminine descending divine force known for its extreme gentleness yet profound effectiveness.

Although Ramaji uses the term “shaktipat” to help describe RASA, the RASA transmission should not be confused with conventional shaktipat that involves the transfer of the guru’s personal spiritual energy to the submissive student. The RASA transmission utilizes the universal descending celestial force of the Divine Feminine. Though incredibly powerful, it is always soft and gentle. It is not our personal energy. We consider ourselves to be the agent or midwife or channel for Divine Mother’s unlimited Love, Grace and Power. Without Her, we can do nothing.

If you are already at 640 or higher on Ramaji’s LOC (Levels of Consciousness) scale when you receive RASA, this will help you move up rapidly in your enlightenment frequency to stabilize closer to or even at 1000 LOC (the top level). When people who are already established in non-duality (LOC 640 and above) start receiving RASA, they go to LOC 1000 quickly. Every person who has continued receiving RASA who started from a stable non-dual awakening has reached 1000 and stabilized there. The only “failures” have been people who went to a higher LOC, usually the mid-700s, and were content to stay there. They told us they did not want to move any higher!

We would like to move as many people as possible to LOC 1000, the highest Level of Consciousness on the planet today. For more information about Levels of Consciousness, please check out Ramaji’s book 1000 available on Amazon.com.

Remember, distance is no obstacle. The RASA (Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement) transmission has proven itself to be just as effective when it is delivered long distance over video Skype as in person at live Satsang events. Whether the RASA recipient is in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, India, United States, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, the Canary Islands, Spain, Africa, Germany or France, the RASA transmission is immediately experienced and its full benefits received.

RAMAJI’S SKYPE NAME:  “ramaji” or “advaita4idiots” in San Diego

ANANDA’S SKYPE NAME: “ananda devi” in San Diego

A voluntary love donation of $150 USD is requested in advance if you are choosing the 60 minute live Standard Skype RASA Session Ramaji or Ananda Devi.

A voluntary love donation of $300 USD is requested in advance if you are choosing the 2 hour one on one live Spiritual Coaching Session with RASA offered by Ramaji utilizing his clairvoyant diagnostic skills. This service is particularly recommended for people with Kundalini symptoms as Ramaji can see the Kundalini in the body.

A voluntary love donation of $300 USD is requested in advance if you are choosing to have a live Standard Skype RASA Session with both Ramaji and Ananda Devi at the same time. You will find more details below.

A voluntary love donation of $160 USD is requested in advance if you are doing the 30 minute “mini session” appointment maintenance program. Your donation pays for TWO mini sessions. This option is only for people who have received at least two RASAs via Standard and/or Coaching sessions.

Please pay for your session at least a week in advance. Currently the wait time for Skype appointments with Ramaji or Ananda Devi is two to three weeks.

Here is the PayPal button for making the donation for your RASA session with Ramaji. This button is set for the $150 voluntary love donation amount for the Basic 60 Minute Session. The PayPal button for Ananda is just below.




If you  do not have a PayPal account, you will need to get one. PayPal is the number one form of secured online payment. It is easy, convenient and safe to use. Go to PayPal.com to sign up. It’s free. If you cannot afford $150, please contact Ramaji or Ananda via the Contact Form at the top left of this web site and provide more information.



Your RASA transmission experience has the power to change your life for the better literally within hours. This is because the power, love and unlimited Grace of Divine Mother is behind it. The RASA experience takes 15 minutes. The benefits can last for a lifetime. The two hour personalized Coaching Session always includes RASA at the conclusion of the session.


WHEN YOU’RE READY THE MAINTENANCE RASA OPTION…  A new option for people who have received at least two RASAs and would like to continue receiving RASA at a discount without doing the full one on one hour Standard Skype Session with Ramaji or Ananda Devi.

The typical sequence of events is that the person buys one RASA, finds out that it is the “real deal” and then buys more Standard RASAs or buys more Coaching RASAs. At some point they may find out that they want to continue receiving RASA in order get to LOC 1000 but they no longer need the talking portion of the live Standard RASA or Coaching RASA sessions.

This “RASA Monthly Maintenance” plan is for purchasing TWO 30 minute “mini” sessions. The recommended schedule is two RASAs per month two weeks apart. You are basically getting TWO RASAs for ONE.

This arrangement is made month by month. There is no contract. Just to be clear, it is only for seasoned RASA experiencers who have already had at least 2 RASAs. During the first 15 minutes we talk briefly and touch base. Then the RASA is delivered for 15 minutes.

You are encouraged to go back and forth from Ramaji to Ananda and get RASA from both of them until you get to LOC 1000. So you can get one month (2 RASAs) from Ramaji and then one month (2 RASAs) from Ananda Devi and so on. It is standard for us to exchange students back and forth  as our approaches are complementary. As far as we can tell, if a student persists with getting RASA, the student will get enlightened within one year or less.








Both Ramaji and Ananda are available to work together to maximize and help facilitate a fast effective awakening with students. Students willing to work with both teachers at once get the added benefit of full interaction with the male and feminine energies manifesting as wisdom and love. This is a personal choice according to the needs of the individual student. Some prefer to work with Ramaji, some with Ananda and some with both at the same time. In our experience together, we have found tremendous joy working this way. We have FUN! The RASA is powerful and the meetings are spontaneous and personal. We look forward to sharing our love with all!



Dear Post-1000 Friends,
We would like to invite you & encourage you to join us in an open and honest discussion about living at LOC 1000 and fully enjoying your Self-Realization. As a group of friends, we believe that sharing our experiences and helping one another through this journey — however it looks — will empower, support and help us embark on a discovery of connection, unity and love. As a team in our one of a kind ultimate online spiritual group where every single participant is stabilized at LOC 1000!
The first “Posties” Zoom group series was a great success. Benefits include up to 8 people giving post-1000 RASA at the same time.  The exciting format allows every person to be heard plus networking outside of the meetings is encouraged and facilitated. Several people had major breakthroughs in post-1000 integration. Plus of course attendees had both Ramaji and Ananda together leading each meeting and joining in the RASA giving at the end.
In order to fully appreciate, celebrate and express your post-1000 change of lineage it is fundamental to dissolve the myths regarding the post-awakened state. This total clarity will put you in a powerful position to demonstrate your spontaneous effortless natural state (sahaja) in our modern world!
We are extremely honored and excited to learn, grow and converse with each and every one of you. This is going to be FUN! Awakening is a never ending journey! A timeless moment whereby each magical or not so magical arising takes place within our awareness of being. Let’s share this together!
We look forward to meeting all of you on Zoom. Mostly we can’t wait to introduce you to each other and enjoy our Self!

NOTE: Please communicate with Ananda Devi about all Postie Group questions. Thank you.

Love ONLY in the Self
Ananda Devi and Ramaji
NOTE: Payment is for the full series of five Post-1000 Zoom meetings. There are NO refunds. Please note that even if you cannot make all five meetings you will still be sent the link to a recording of the meeting immediately after each meeting.
There will be a mailing to announce each series of five well in advance. Meetings are two weeks apart on Sundays at 11 am Pacific time in San Diego. If you are not on this mailing list and you think that you should be, please contact Ananda Devi.
The NEW SERIES begins on Sunday August 6th at 11 am PDT San Diego time. Please note that we have raised the payment to 200 usd. This is in view of the tremendous benefits this unique group has already demonstrated for its participants. In the event that paying this amount is a financial hardship for you, please contact Ananda Devi regarding our scholarship fund.



Post-1000 Group Series



We have had many requests for an online satsang meeting with RASA by Ramaji and Ananda Devi. Now that we are using the online Zoom video platform we are ready.

Our new series of 5 online satsang meetings begins Tuesday July 11th. We will meet every other Tuesday at 7 pm PDT San Diego time. The meeting dates will be July 11, July 25, August 8, August 22 and September 5.

We are asking for 100 usd in advance for all 5 meetings. This is the only option at this time. The PayPal button is below.



After you make your payment, please send Ananda your best email.

We will use your email to send you the Zoom link shortly before the meeting

Here is Ananda’s email: satsangwithananda AT gmail DOT com.

If you do not provide us with an email then we will use your PayPal email.

Here is a short video that explains how to join a Zoom meeting.



Why Is a Monetary Donation Requested?

A donation via the above PayPal button is requested prior to each RASA session. This is so that the exchange of value between you and the RASA Giver is maintained. We have found that this monetary donation makes the process simpler and easier for everybody. At one time, we offered RASA for free. We has found that charging a reasonable amount of money helps to illuminate and empower the roles of both participants. The RASA recipient enjoys a new level of receptivity because the nature of the transaction is precisely defined in a way that is familiar and comfortable for the recipient.

This fair and reasonable monetary contribution adds a surprising degree of energetic clarity and aliveness to your RASA session. It makes it more beneficial and useful to you in the moment and for the long-term. We have tried it both ways, offering RASA for free and for this modest donation. We have consistently found that the results were much better when there was a monetary donation. Whatever the reason, the results prove the RASA is stronger and more uplifting if the RASA recipient pays something.

It is also true that in the West, people tend to value and appreciate services that have cost them some money. The requested love donation for the RASA transmission in support of non-dual awakening has been kept low enough that just about anyone can receive RASA. In the event that a person does not have the requested amount, he or she can personally contact us and make a request to work something out. There is always a solution if you sincerely want to receive RASA!

When your consciousness is raised up into enlightened frequencies, this lucid luminous exposure delivered via the RASA transmission transform and heals your life. For those who are able to stabilize in the higher enlightened states, then life will never be the same again. A beautiful new world is opened up to them.

Without apparent effort, solely due to their receptivity, they have attained and stabilized in the enlightened state. This is the power of Grace. This is the power of RASA. This is not the personal power of Ramaji or Ananda Devi. We are just agents or channels who assist in the delivery of the RASA. The divine transformational force that is the source of RASA and its effectiveness is the Divine Feminine, the liberating embodiment of Love with many names.

If you do not want to receive RASA at this time but would still like to communicate with Ramaji or Ananda Devi, please use the Contact Form on this web site (upper left area). Thank you.