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RASA Story

Ramaji Giving RASA Transmission in 2012

This video shows Ramaji giving the RASA (Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement) transmission to Fred, Koort and Brenda in San Diego in July, 2012 to the sounds of “With Arms Wide Open” by Creed. As of Summer, 2015, more than 70 people have stabilized in non-dual enlightenment (LOC above 640) after receiving one or more RASA transmissions. Of these 70+ people around the world, more than 30 are stabilized at LOC 1000.

About the RASA transmission in support of non-dual awakening, Ramaji says “This is not my energy. I am bringing down the divine Light that is already above your head. You can also think of it as the descending Grace of Divine Mother, especially of Kali Ma. I am just the facilitator. I am a midwife for the birthing of the divine Light in you that is your Light that you already are, that you always have been and that you always will be. I give you nothing but your Self, and you already have that. You already are that.

Whatever spiritual upliftment and other positive benefits you may receive from the gentle descending Grace of Divine Mother, it is a love gift from Divine Mother direct to you. Because Divine Mother is supporting RASA, it has this power to bring about non-dual awakening. It is not my power. It is not Ramaji’s power. It is Divine Mother’s power. It is what She wants to do and She is doing it. Divine Mother, especially in the form of Kali Ma, the Cosmic Mother who kills the ego, is the hidden spiritual force behind RASA.”

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An Exciting New Development: Group RASA!

A new and very exciting development with RASA is that Ramaji is now giving RASA to entire groups of people at the same time. The first live group RASA event took place in January, 2014 with 10 people. It is expected that the delivery of RASA will intensify and expand into more and more group transmissions in the next few years. It is anticipated that the size of the group will make no difference. It is believed that all present will receive the same spiritual benefit as they would receive from a personal one-on-one RASA transmission.

Spiritual groups are encouraged to contact Ramaji to make arrangements for live or Skype group RASA events. The RASA transmission will be delivered to any individual or group who requests it and pays the modest donation (or special discount group rate donation). It is not even necessary to believe in God or to have a spiritual path. There are no obstacles other than the ones that a person holds in their mind.

Distance is not an obstacle since RASA is easily delivered globally via Skype. The RASA transmission can even be delivered as a meditation or prayer appointment. The recipient or group of recipients meditates, prays or sits quietly at an agreed time. Ramaji delivers the RASA transmission to them during their meditation, prayer or quiet sitting session. It is recommended that the recipient’s quiet time be at least 30 minutes in length to make sure that there is time for the RASA transmission to complete itself. It is also recommended that the recipient(s) sit for 5 to 15 minutes after receiving the RASA transmission to assist the absorption into their system.


The RASA (Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement) Transmission Story



In 2011, while doing spiritual healing on a woman with chronic pain, Ramaji discovered a new way to open the Crown chakra for swift spiritual advancement. At first he thought he was doing energy work for physical healing, but it quickly dawned on him that what he was doing was not the usual energy healing.

He realized that somehow he was raising the person’s consciousness to non-dual levels in literally just a few minutes. Their healing response or other positive outcome was a direct result of exposure to these higher illuminated frequencies resonating in their system. This was the “accidental” discovery of the RASA (Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement) transmission.

After more testing with people in person and via Skype, Ramaji concluded that this Crown opening and activation method was the ideal way for him to transmit the experience of Truth. He found that he could provide people with a direct experience of the enlightened state of consciousness beyond words.

It had always struck him as odd that there is so much “talk talk” going on with modern Advaita teaching. Ramana Maharshi advocated Silence as the best and most powerful teaching and teaching method.

The RASA transmission follows Ramana’s classic advice. It takes place in complete Silence while the recipient meditates in a receptive and open state. It is asked that the recipient not apply a method or technique. Just relax, be receptive and enjoy the experience. It is simple. There is nothing to do except allow and receive.


The RASA Transmission Experience: a Step by Step Assessment of the Typical Recipient’s LOC Changes

Based on his original study of whole-body intuitive biokinesiology, Ramaji also discovered how to easily know a person’s Level of Consciousness (LOC) on a scale from 30 (the very lowest for humans) to 1000 (the highest on this planet). Ramaji’s ability to effortlessly assess a person’s LOC enables him to precisely track spiritual changes as the person moves into a very high enlightened state (very high non-dual LOC) immediately after receiving the non-dual transmission.

For some RASA recipients, it is a positive spiritual boost with long-lasting benefits in consciousness but afterwards they remain in the high dualistic levels (typically in the LOC 570s or at LOC 580). For others, the boost from the RASA transmission takes them into non-dual levels of consciousness where they stabilize. As of Summer, 2015, more than 70 people have transitioned into and stabilized in non-dual states of consciousness (their LOC well above 600) in conjunction with receiving delivery of the RASA transmission. Of these 70+ people around the world, more than 30 are stabilized at LOC 1000. This is based on the person’s own reports and testimony as well as Ramaji’s standard post-RASA assessment of their LOC response.

While it is true that some people have shifted into a permanent enlightened (non-dual) state as a result of the RASA transmission, there is no guarantee that such a permanent shift and stabilization in non-dual awakening will take place. What has been observed is that in the typical scenario the LOC rises very high right after receiving RASA (often up to LOC 1000). After a few hours, it slowly starts to drop. If the person is going to stabilize, it will usually stop at a non-dual LOC and stay there. It may even start rising back up.

In the case of a person who is returning to a dualistic LOC (below 600), their LOC drops back below LOC 600 within 24 hours. It then usually stabilizes at a new LOC that is higher than the LOC they started at. Even when they are not able to stabilize in the non-dual LOCs, this is still extremely beneficial to them. Since the average person progresses only 5 points or less in one lifetime, going up 1 to 5 points right after receiving RASA is a significant spiritual gain.

A few people do return to their old LOC that they had prior to RASA. It is believed that even these people have experienced real benefits from the intimate exposure to enlightened frequencies. For the record, there are NO known cases where the person’s LOC dropped after receiving the non-dual RASA transmission! Since RASA is extremely gentle, it does not provoke a resistance reaction. Therefore, the worst possible outcome is that the person will simply return to the LOC that they started with.

Ramaji can verify an upward LOC shift after 3 days. For confirmation of a permanent shift to LOC 1000, Ramaji has found that it is necessary to wait 7 days. After confirmation of a shift into a non-dual LOC (LOC 640 and above), no one has fallen back down. All stay at their new level. They may go up and down on their own, but they do not fall back below their new LOC gains produced by receiving the RASA  transmission.


How RASA Works

During the non-dual RASA transmission for enlightenment, Ramaji opens the receiver’s Crown chakra very wide. This allows the Divine Light above the head to descend into the system to produce purification and transformation. The person’s own divine spiritual Light uplifts them. This Light can also be thought of as the descending Grace of Divine Mother, especially that of Kali Ma. It is the Power of Divine Mother as Kali Ma that enables the person to shift into and, potentially, stabilize in enlightened frequencies.

The form of Divine Mother known as Kali Ma is renowned for Her ability to quickly and permanently destroy the ego (sense of separate entity and doership). Since it is the descending Grace of Divine Mother, the RASA transmission is extremely gentle and smooth. Some people report a blissful peaceful experience of soft white or gold light. Although Kali Ma is usually depicted as being blue-black in appearance, her esoteric or secret spiritual color is said to be gold. Not all experience this energy has being associated with Kali Ma, although that is common. Some experience it as Grace from Durga, Mother Mary, Isis or the Divine Mother of the Universe.

Some intuitive visionaries have described a descending “Golden Kundalini” force. RASA may be related to that (Kundalini is associated with Divine Mother). Either way, it is profoundly gentle and does not cause harm or any difficulty. This is so even though the rapid transformational results may be remarkable and unprecedented. There is evidence that the RASA produces a neuroplastic transformation or reprogramming of the brain. This enables the person to consciously experience their enlightenment and retain it at the concrete physical functioning level in day to day life.

The RASA transmission supports non-dual awakening, but it may provide surprising and unexpected positive life benefits. For example, it may produce the healing of a relationship and restore love to it. In the case of mundane benefit, it may occur at a physical, emotional, mental, health, finance or relationship level. This is not the typical outcome, but it has happened. Ramaji works with each person at their level to support their spiritual freedom and serve their total life healing.

In Her wisdom, Divine Mother may see that another area of that person’s life needs to be healed first. This is the cosmic Play of Divine Mother. We can always be assured that Her loving spiritual blessing will bring wonderful benefits, but the form that this benefit will take cannot be anticipated by the mind. Divine Mother enjoys surprising us and being unpredictable. She is very good at it! Ramaji does not try to figure out what Divine Mother is doing anymore. He is just glad that She is doing it!