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Students of Ramaji Share Their Experiences


(1) “Thank you for your grace” from K.M, United Kingdom

Hello, Dear Ramaji,

K. M.I just wanted to thank you again for your grace [RASA via Skype]. I feel it deeply, even as I am writing this email I feel extreme happiness that starts within the heart but spreads like wildfire within me. There is also a feeling of pressure on top of the head. My husband reported that I was glowing. I cannot even express the gratitude I feel at the moment for what you have given me.

Talking with you has appeased my confusion and frustration. Before getting in contact with you I had promised my self that you would be the last teacher and teaching I would seek as the road has been so long and difficult. Thankfully I am happy to report that I feel a deep connection to you which I will trust.

Again thank you.

Love, K.M., United Kingdom

(2) “The doer is gone…” from K. W., San Diego, CA, USA


KWNot long before meeting Ramaji in July, 2012, I had a deep mystical experience. I got extremely depressed and withdrew from life and my friends. This profoundly negative state flipped into unity and no-self. I definitely went into non-duality but then I found I could not stabilize in it. It was very disheartening. I knew I had “fallen out” of it.

Ramaji answered my questions, cleared my doubts and showed me how to move through my confusion. Suddenly, I realized that “the doer is gone!” I found myself in non-doership just as described by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.

Ramaji, thank you for your Presence in San Diego and for graciously opening up your home to meet All serious about Truth and wish to know for them self “Who am I?”. To have you as my living teacher, Guru, friend and guide is a blessing. I am eternally grateful for so much and for the fact that I no longer have to fly to India or sign up for for thousands of dollar retreats. conferences or classes held around the U.S. to be in the Presence of Self.

There is only one thing to see…and only ever one thing seen…the One Self…appearing as Everything, dissolving into Nothing. There is nothing that It is and nothing that It is not. It is birthed by Itself and consumed by Itself. Birth…surrender…death and no movement…no change…ever the One Self. Thank you for our meeting in Truth.

K. W., San Diego, CA, USA

Note: At K. W.’s request, we are not showing his full name for professional and privacy reasons.

(3) “Now living every day in non-duality”  from J.B., Canada

Update (November, 2012)

J.B. told Ramaji he shifted into non-duality consciousness talking to him on the telephone.

“Since a recent talk with Ramaji, I have found myself living and functioning with less stress.  I experience a vast spaciousness and am conscious of an abiding awareness of  ‘nowness’.  A lot of things that used upset me no longer have the same effect.

I would say I am now living every day in non-duality. In fact, I have read very little about Advaita or non-duality. I am taking Ramaji’s word that this blessed condition is a non-dual realization. Ramaji has me at 764 LOC, but I honestly don’t pay much attention to that LOC business. Anyway, whatever this new way of life is, I have never been happier.”


I highly recommend working with Ramaji in any spiritual capacity that feels appropriate – crown chakra openings, spiritual advice, aura readings, etc. I have known him for almost twenty years. During that time I have become aware time and again that it is a rare gift to receive what he has to offer – a lifetime of accumulated spiritual experience, a compassionate rapport, and a personal level of integrity and commitment to honesty that is second to none.

With regard to RASA, I have so far received three from him.

All three experiences have been transformative and have addressed deep seated issues. Each experience was unique, moving and releasing energy specific to my needs at that time. They had an impact that was both immediate and long term.

Two specific outcomes were particularly noteworthy. One was a reduction in anxiety and a deep sense of peace, resulting from my seeing life from beyond the narrow perspectives of ego. That feeling has remained.

The second outcome was an unexpected phone call, a couple of days after a RASA, from someone with whom I had been estranged for several years, expressing a desire to reconcile. It felt as if receiving the RASA smoothed the troubled waters between us and enabled us to make contact. Looking back, I know that all three crown openings have shaken me up to move forward in my life, and have been significant factors in my spiritual growth.

J.B., Canada

Note: J.B. requested that we not publish his name and personal details. This is for professional and privacy reasons. All original testimonials are on file in San Diego, California.

Note About Long-Distance RASA

K. M. in the United Kingdom and J.B. in Canada received their RASA sessions long distance via Skype or meditation appointment. This demonstrates beyond any doubt the power and effectiveness of remote RASA (Grace transmission). For the enlightened Self, there is no time or space. There is just the one Self.